b'Getting the go-ahead(from building and strata management) A building manager is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance of the building and common areas of the property. Building managers are often thefirstpointofcontactwithownersandtenantsregardingpropertyandmaintenance issues. Your building manager can help with access and use of common areas for your neighbour activities.A strata manager (or owners corporation manager) is responsible for administrativeandfinancialmanagementofthestrata.Thisincludesconductingstratameetings,enforcingthebuildingsby-laws,andmanagingthe strata budget.Astratacommitteerepresentsthebuildingsownerscorporation.Membersandoffice-bearersareelectedatanAnnualGeneralMeeting.Thecommitteemeetsto oversee the day-to-day function of the strata scheme.Getting the support from your building manager, strata manager and strata committee can be incredibly valuable as active and supportive partners throughout your neighbour-building journey. They can help you to: getpermissionstoputupflyersaroundthebuildingortodoaletterboxdropuse building common areas for your activities (foyers, gardens, shared facilities) get valuable inputs on your projects drawing from their experience. 11'