b'Identifying resilience issuesThe best way to understand what resilience and safety issues in and around where you live is for residents to highlight these issues on a plan or map of your building: Print a plan/map on your building and common area. You may be able to get this from your building manager, or using google map. Residents to write their concerns on the map.Issues can include: Preparing for and responding to emergency Resilience situations issuesSafety issues on-site and in proximity to mapping your apartment Prioritising resilience issuesOnceresilienceandsafetyissueshavebeenidentified,asurveyorachartcanbe used for residents to vote on their top issues. A building-wide survey will ensure a broad buy-in.There are multiple platforms (e.g. Google Forms and Survey Monkey) to start an online survey where you can collate the results easily. Photo by Fancy Boy Photography21'