b'AcknowledgementsThe Meet Your Neighbours project and this toolkit is proudly funded by the NSW Government.This toolkit could not have been possible without the generous contributions of many people. Thanks go to our project partners, the Australian Red Cross, and building managers Andrew Hecker, Bentleigh Property Management; Adam Glover, National Facilities Management; Russell Lysle, Dynamic Building Management; Kim Hunter, National Facilities Management and Michael Musumeci, Elena Lane Cove Building Management. Thanks to the neighbours teams who gave their time and energy towards this pilot project. Bentleigh Neighbours Sevana Apartment Neighbours Dora ChanTed Impey Christina NgMary Impey Ruchika HandaNatalia Andrienko Ted MooneyYuri Andrienko Gladys LeeIan Humble Andrew HeckerLeo GomesElena Apartment Neighbours The Landmark Neighbours Harry WinterBill Mcgowen Yoel HaymanJeffreyLi Julie WinterJulie Smith Britney Barber Erina TianMetro Towers Neighbours Ian Rushton Thomas Fung Magdalene Fung Yangyang Wang William LaiThanks to all residents and neighbours who participated in our eventsand activities.'