b'Maintaining the momentum Evaluating your achievements and learningthrough trial and errorEvaluation and feedback are important to help you assess how your project is going, what is working well, and what can be improved upon. A simple way of monitoring your project is to try to count how many people are participating in your event or activity.Itsokayifyourevent,projectoractivitydoesnttakeoffrightaway,ordoesntturn out quite the way you envisioned it. It can take time for momentum to buildamongyourneighbours,andyoullbelearningalongtheway.Ifyouractivityisntgettingalotofengagement,youmayneedtochangehowyou promote your project. Or, it may be that the day and time of your event wasntsuitable.Through trial and error, you will start to understand what works well and what doesnt.Getting feedback from your neighbours on your project can be as simple as chatting to them and asking for their thoughts and suggestions.Some other methods of feedback and evaluation: Survey Poll Suggestion box Social media29'