b'Planning a project Develop a project plan Delegate tasks and responsibilities Taking the time to plan your project or activity with others will help youAllowing others to contribute to achieve the outcomes you want.acollectiveeffortwillamplifythepositive outcomes for your community. List tasks and resources Have a goal or vision Map out the steps you need to take and the resources you will need toWhat do you want to achieve and make your goal a reality. A list ofwhy? Having a clear goal or vision in necessary resources will help youmind will help you to stay on track assess if your goal is feasible, andthroughout your project and prioritise identify possible roadblocks. taskseffectively.One person cant do it alone! Share roles and responsibilities among a team and take advantage of the unique skills and strengths of your neighbours. Planning toolsUse these tools to help yourEvent planplanning process.Project plan24'