b'Activating a common spaceCommon areas in your apartment such as foyers, lifts or courtyards are shared spaces that can provide residents with opportunities to connect. There are simple things you can do to facilitate connection among neighbours in these spaces.Decorating or activating an otherwise empty or bland space around your building can encourage residents to engage with the space and witheach other. Some ideas to enliven your building common areas and promote a sense of community: Welcomesignageindifferentlanguages Decorationstoreflectdifferentholidaysandcultural celebrations A community noticeboard or whiteboard for residents to share messages Fun activities that bring people together (e.g. table tennis, giant chess or other games) A community library or book exchange Furniture to provide space for residentsto meet and chat A community gardenLiaisewithbuildingmanagementtofindoutwhats possible within a certain space.Photo by Susan ChenMake sure someone is delegated responsibility for looking after your activity. It may require regular maintenance and supervision to ensure it is being used correctly.19'