b'Making it sustainableBear in mind what you and your team are capable of committing to on the project. Some of your team may be keen to help but have limited time due to work or family responsibilities.It may be better to start small and graduallybuildupyourknowledgeandconfidence.Be realistic on how the funding of your events or projects can be sustainable. If you are hosting an event, a potluck party, where everyone contributes, could beamorefinanciallysustainableoption.Alternatively,yourstratacommitteemay be able to provide the funding you needed. Living in the city, you may experience neighbours moving in and out of your apartment. It is not unusual to lose some team members throughout your project. You can keep up the momentum by bringing in new recruits. Each event is an opportunity to recruit for new members. Spreading the word of what you are doing can also interest new faces to join.Photo by Maggie Langtry Photography30'