b'Why neighbours matterCreating vertical communitiesApartment buildings are vertical local neighbourhoods where residents live in close proximity, share facilities, and have everyday interactions. These settings offeruntappedopportunitiestobuildsocialconnectionandcommunitysupport among neighbours.Whiletherearemanybenefitstolivinginanapartmentorunit,evidencesuggests that apartment dwellers are not as connected to their local community compared to people living in houses, and are more likely to experience social isolation or loneliness. Getting to know your neighbours and developing relationships of trust and connection can go a long way to improving the overall wellbeing of the community. Building community resilience Neighbour networks and connections are vital to community resilience, which can be harnessed to prepare for, respond to, and recover from disasters and emergencies. Read more about what Councils are doing to promote community resilience in the Lane Cove Climate Resilience Plan and Resilient Willoughby Strategy and Action Plan.8'