b'Goal: Identify energy efficiency upgrade opportunities in Councils top energy using sitesand implement projects to reduce energy consumption.Councils commitment to energy efficiency acrosseffective way for Council to reduce energy costsservice provider, to replace the existing halogen our facilities and operations has meant that whilstand therefore greenhouse gas emissions, whilstlights with LED lights. This upgrade has reduced energy costs have risen, Councils energy usageimproving lighting quality in residential streets. Thelighting energy use by 80% and is saving 43.2 has steadily decreased since 2015. environmental benefits include a 79% reductiontonnes of Co 2annually, which is the equivalent In 2017 Council partnered with Ausgrid to rollin greenhouse gas emissions. The program isof powering 5.2 homes for a year. The renovated out the Lighting the Way program. The programfunded through Councils Sustainability Levy. 50m outdoor pool and grandstand, due to involves replacing 1,184 Ausgrid street lightsCouncils highest electricity user is the Lane Coveopen in late 2020, are being constructed with on residential roads with energy efficient LEDsAquatic Centre. To lower emissions at the Centre,sustainability features to ensure the latest energy over the next three years. It provides a cost- Council partnered with BlueFit, the centresefficiency technology and water saving measures are used to their full advantage. Goal: Manage stormwater to reduce its impact on waterways and bushland areas.Council acknowledges the importance oflandscaping and gardening industry. The GPTs ensuring our bushland reserves are protectedare responsible for removing over 100 tonnes of from pollution and litter and our waterways arewaste and rubbish from our waterways since they uncontaminated. Since 2016 Council has installedwere installed, and over 80% of this was recycled. three additional Gross Pollutants Traps (GPTs),Council continues its commitment to ensuring our bringing the overall total of GPTs across thewaterways are protected and an additional GPT is LGA to 11. The GPTs collect stormwater wastedue to be installed in Stringybark Creek in mid-which is then separated and recycled into different2020.products, such as organic material used by the 8Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'