b'Vision, Mission and Principles of CouncilOur VisionLane Cove for a better quality of life.Our MissionTo be aware of and responsive to the diverse needs and aspirations of the Lane Cove Community.Our Guiding PrinciplesThese Guiding Principles ensure a holistic approachSustainabilityto planning and contribute to improving organisational effectiveness. To ensure that all decisions consider a balance of economic, environmental, cultural and social elements Communityto enhance the quality of life in Lane Cove.To develop a strong inclusive community that promotesBest Value access, equity and participation in decision making, working towards a better Lane Cove for everyone. To balance the provision of quality services to the community of Lane Cove with cost, and to always seek Creativity continuous improvements to the services provided.To nurture diverse creative expression in the community and foster innovation to meet the needsof Lane Cove.12Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'