b'Theme 2: CommunityGoal 8: An Inclusive Community Celebrating Tolerance, Cultural Expression and DiversityID Action Priority Who Link8.1 Incorporate sustainability education into cultural programs targeted at people for whom English isIMPORTANT ES DPCtheir second language8.2 Develop cross-cultural projects to encourage empathy and understanding between communities/ IMPORTANT HS DPCcultures8.3 Increase promotion of cultural events, especially those promoting diversity to address changes in theBENEFICIAL HSDPCmulticultural nature of the community8.4 Develop and produce accessible, multilingual information in partnership with relevant organisationsBENEFICIAL HS DPCto provide access to a range of arts, cultural and community initiatives8.5 Utilise creative practices to engage artists and communities in the design and enhancement ofBENEFICIAL HS DPCpublic spaces and amenity 34Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'