b'Theme 2: CommunityGoal 5: A Community Living SustainablyID Action Priority Who Link5.1 Promote creative solutions for sustainable living that improve the quality of life for people who live,IMPORTANT HS DPNEwork and visit Lane Cove5.2 Develop and promote strategic education plans around SAP priorities IMPORTANT ES DPNE5.3 Provide community education on waste reduction and disposal for unit dwellers IMPORTANT ES DPNE5.4 Develop and implement strategies to reduce illegal dumping IMPORTANT ES DPNE5.5 Work with developers, State Government and our community to encourage sustainable design/ IMPORTANT ES DPBEhousing5.6 Develop food waste reduction program IMPORTANT ESDPNE5.7 Develop and promote green building design principles BENEFICIAL ES DPBE5.8 Use creative communication solutions to expand current sustainability education programs to betterBENEFICIAL ESDPNEengage the community5.9 Promote energy efficient transport solutionsBENEFICIAL ESDPBESustainability Action Plan 2016202131'