b'Goal 11: An Integrated Transport NetworkID Action Priority Who Link11.1 Ensure consideration of integrated transport planning and Transit Orientated Development inCRITICAL OSUS/ES DPBEDevelopment Plans e.g. reduce the need for private vehicle use11.2 Increase local transport for travel to and from transport hubs CRITICAL OSUS DPBE11.3 Ensure footpaths are connected, accessible, maintained and safe to useIMPORTANT OSUS DPBE11.4 Provide advocacy and education on sustainable transport options IMPORTANT OSUS/ES DPBE11.5 Facilitate Safer by Design for key transport routes (e.g. in key precincts) IMPORTANT OSUS DPBE11.6 Expand Councils community parking for car share schemes IMPORTANT OSUS DPBE11.7 Grow partnerships that promote awareness to local schools to encourage students to catch a bus,BENEFICIAL OSUS DPBEcycle or walk to school11.8 Develop strategies to deal with traffic flow issues created by high-rise developments BENEFICIAL OSUS DPBE11.9 Encourage the reduction of car use for Council staff BENEFICIAL CS DPBESustainability Action Plan 2016202139'