b'Goal: A resource efficient community.The Community Recycling Centre (CRC) openedIn 2019 Council proudly opened Lane Coves in 2017. It is a one-stop-shop for safely disposingfirst Return and Earn machine. Residents have of household problem waste items and is jointlyembraced the opportunity to recycled cans funded by the NSW Government and six Northand bottles and in the first two months alone Shore Councils. Since its opening over 500of operation more than 169,000 units were Tonnes of difficult-to-recycle waste has beenprocessed for recycling. processed.Goal: Ensure consideration of integrated transport planningand Transit Orientated Development in Development Planse.g. reduce the need for private vehicle use.Council recognises that a Car Share scheme isThe provision of dedicated parking for Car Share a convenient and cost-effective alternative tovehicles is important in assisting car sharing private car ownership. It complements sustainableservices to be cost effective and sustainable. In transport modes of walking, cycling and public2016 Council introduced the Car Share Policy transport, thereby reducing private vehicle usewhich has resulted in 12 car sharing spaces and parking demand. Council supports transportthroughout the LGA. objectives and strategies that are aimed at reducing private motor vehicle ownership and encouraging the use of public transport. 10Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'