b'Councils achievements: 2016 to 2020Since the launch of the Sustainability Action Plan four years ago, Council is determined to be at the forefront of community expectations.Council has adopted and promoted best practice within Councils operations and services as well as by educating and raising awareness in the community of the benefits and need to be sustainable.The implementation of these best practices, policies and programs has resulted in a more sustainable Lane Cove. Council is pleased to report on the progress of some of our key initiatives since 2016. Goal: Increase understanding of climate risk and implement adaptation options.Council declared a climate emergency inthe State Governments objective of net-zero September 2019. Council voted to acknowledgeemissions by 2050 and support policies and climate change as a threat to the future of ourprograms that reduce carbon emissions and cities, including the Lane Cove Local Governmentassist with adapting to climate change in NSW.Area (LGA). We declared our readiness to assist Sustainability Action Plan 201620217'