b'Goal: Align Councils corporate systems with sustainability objectives and internal education.Council has resolved to being at the forefront ofall of our operations. A combination of initiatives,Leadership, in the form of raising awareness of community expectations and to actively supportsuch as prioritised sustainable procurementour staff and from our local suppliers about the the phasing out of single use plastics. In 2018and internal waste free living workshops, havephasing out of single use plastics, has ensured Council identified more opportunities to showmeant staff have a high level of engagement withthat more sustainable and long-term benefits are leadership in the community and resolved that nosustainability issues. In 2018 every staff memberachieved, and by eliminating the use of single single-use plastics or balloons were to be used inwas issued with a reusable coffee cup and inuse plastic items, Council has demonstrated a Council run, or supported, events.2019 Council supported Plastic Free July bytangible commitment to our community and future Council understands the importance of changeproviding staff members with a reusable drinkgenerationsfrom within and has consistently engaged withbottle when they pledged to reduce their use of staff to improve environmental performance insingle use plastics.Goal: Reduce Urban Heat Impacts.Our leafy streets and bushland areas are integralLandscaping practices that provide a unifying to our local identity. Councils Landscaping, Streetelement which emphasises the landscape Trees and Tree Preservation Policy, introduced incharacter of Lane Cove and prioritise 2017, focuses on preserving and enhancing theindigenous and native plantings;amenity and environmental sustainability of theThe preservation of trees and other vegetation, local area through; particularly trees of significance;The establishment and maintenance of streetPlanting and preservation practices that tree plantings that are sympathetic to the localenhance the environmental sustainability of environment and meet functional requirements; the area including the protection of existing indigenous bushland areas and the provision of wildlife corridors and habitats.Sustainability Action Plan 201620219'