b'Theme 2: CommunityGoal 6: An Engaged CommunityID Action Priority Who Link6.1 Develop improved awareness and communication of the achievements of the SAP CRITICAL ES DPC6.2 Develop and engage residents in actions to reduce their household waste and dispose of wasteIMPORTANT ES DPNEresponsibly6.3 Introduce activities to engage underrepresented groups including Culturally and Linguistically DiverseIMPORTANT HSDPSgroups, short term residents, renters and youth6.4 Expand awareness, consultation and engagement opportunities for the community to guide theIMPORTANT CS DPOCfuture of Lane Cove6.5 Support communities to run events which promote a sense of neighbourliness e.g. street parties,BENEFICIAL HS DPSactivities in parks and the plaza 6.6 Increase opportunities for access to a feeling of community, for example consider providingBENEFICIAL HSDPSwelcome packs of community information to new residents, particularly in multi-unit dwellings6.7 Celebrate the culture of volunteering in Lane Cove by encouraging volunteer networks, promotingBENEFICIAL HS DPStraining opportunities and providing recognition 32Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'