b'Theme 1: EnvironmentGoal 1: Enhance and Value Our Open Space, Waterways and BushlandID Action Priority Who Link1.1 Plan strategic works for Councils open space by preparing plans for bushland, local parks andCRITICAL OSUS DPNEsports fields.1.2 Manage stormwater to reduce its impacts on waterways and bushland areasCRITICAL OSUS DPNE1.3 Expand, maintain and connect walking tracks through our parks and reserves IMPORTANT OSUS/ES DPNE1.4 Encourage engagement with, and care for, local bushland through on-ground programs includingIMPORTANT OSUSDPNEBackyard Habitat, Bush Friends and Bushcare1.5 Optimise usage of existing parks and sport fields through improved facilities IMPORTANT OSUSDPNE1.6 Map the current distribution of flora and fauna in Lane Cove IMPORTANT OSUSDPNE1.7 Undertake bush regeneration works to restore natural areas IMPORTANT OSUSDPNE1.8 Develop and implement a local noxious weed strategy: include education for residents on ways toIMPORTANT HS/ESDPNEremove and dispose of weeds24Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'