b'Consultation Process Sustainability Action Plan Review Process Steps in the SAP ReviewCouncil engaged the community to assist with the review of the SAP. Together we developed and assessed new themes, goals and priorities. This approach provided Council staff and community stakeholders, and Councils Advisory Groups and2005 SAPCommittees, with an opportunity to contribute to the plan. Stakeholders REVIEWparticipated in:Facilitated workshopsFace to face meetingsAn online surveyCommunity forum COMMITTEESTAFFDraft themes and Written submissions.WORKSHOP WORKSHOP ideas producedThrough this process the community was able to inform Council about their1 1sustainability values and what they saw as important in relation to their localand regional environment.The consultation process generated a large number of themes and ideas. TheCOMMITTEESTAFFDraft actions under evaluation of these was undertaken using an Analytic Hierarchy Process (AHP). WORKSHOP WORKSHOP each theme producedThe AHP was used to weight each of these and this enabled themes and ideas 2 2to be compared and ranked.PUBLIC COMMUNITYDraft plan produced ONLINEWORKSHOP for public exhibitionSURVEYSustainability Action Plan 2016202117'