b'Vision of SuccessThe table below defines Councils vision for the SAP and represents what the SAP aims to achieve across the three themes. When the actions of the SAP have been implemented,the following benefits will be the evidence of their success.ENVIRONMENT COMMUNITY LIVEABILITYImproved water and bushland quality Community commitment to sustainable living The reputation of Lane Cove as a Liveable CityAccess to open space, bushland and waterways Quality of life Improved quality of lifeDiverse flora and fauna Greater community participation Attractive & beautiful local neighbourhood centresImproved waterway health to support ecological valuesSafer and healthier communities Diverse housing optionsAboriginal and European heritage preserved Vibrant urban areas promoting social interaction More families stay/live in the localityAttractive open spaces Inclusive communities Reduced congestion, fast & reliable journey timesReduced resource consumption Increased recreational opportunities Improved accessibilityIncreased use of solar in community facilities Revitalised local business lifeImproved air quality Job creationwork and live local20Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'