b'Theme 1: EnvironmentGoal 2: Value and Develop Our Built and Cultural HeritageID Action Priority Who Link2.1 Develop a strategy that will retain and enhance Lane Coves cultural identity CRITICAL HS DPC2.2 Continue to promote local heritage sites with interpretive materials that celebrate built and naturalIMPORTANT HS/OSUS DPChistory2.3 Develop place-making projects that celebrate the natural and cultural heritage of the Lane Cove areaIMPORTANT HS DPC2.4 Encourage activities which foster Lane Coves village atmosphere IMPORTANT HS/CS DPC2.5 Involve professional and community groups in the protection of Aboriginal and European heritageBENEFICIAL HS/ES/OSUSDPCsites2.6 Expose local stories through cultural programming and build Lane Coves cultural identity BENEFICIAL HSDPC2.7 Investigate the establishment of an Indigenous garden or trail as a cultural site embracingBENEFICIAL HS/OSUSDPCcommunity, learning and reconciliation2.8 Protect and promote the cultural heritage of Lane Cove: update and maintain the Aboriginal HeritageBENEFICIAL ES DPCRegister (using it as a reference when considering Development Applications)26Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'