b'6.Waste innovationCouncil will create awareness programs with best practice waste strategies to reduce disposable and recyclable waste at the outset i.e. greater use of bio-degradable packaging, community and commercial scale food composting, and take a shared economy approach to reduce consumption and reuse goods.Council will collaborate with businesses and retailers to set landfill diversion targets, and provide support so the targets can be achieved.7.Transition Car use to public and active transportCouncil will continue working with TfNSW and private mobility service providers to develop strategic public and active transport links across the LGA, with a particular focus to connect future centers, such as the Low Carbon Precinct, with residential areas.8.Plan for new mobilityCouncil will develop an integrated transport strategy that considers current trends in car ownership, accessibility-based parking rates and the uptake of electric vehicles. The strategy will be used to support new development controls.6Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'