b'Goal: A community living sustainably.Many community organisations are engaged5kW Solar System for the Lane Cove 12 Foot with sustainability ideas and projects and want toSailing Skiff Clubpromote sustainability within their organisations,Chicken coop at Lane Cove Occasional Child however internal funding is not always available toCareimplement such projects. Councils Sustainability Small Grants Program fills this gap by providingGreenwich Public Schools walk to school financial resources of up to $5,000 to communitymaporganisations to implement sustainability projects.LED lighting upgrade for Lane Cove Theatre Since the programs inception in 2010 CouncilCompanyhas funded 54 local projects, totalling more thanNative bee homes in places of faith and $106,000. Projects supported are diverse andschoolsencompass waste minimisation, energy efficiency and transport initiatives. Examples include: Composting systems and native garden beds in schools and residential blocksGoal: Complete a community wellbeing survey every two years to help identify the communities sense of wellbeing.Community wellbeing surveys have beenThe results offer insights into the changingThere has also been a continuing increase in conducted in 2015, 2017 and then again in 2019.sustainability landscape and emerging sustainabilitythe proportion of respondents very concerned The surveys give Council a way to measure andbehaviours that have become normalised. Forabout environmental sustainability. In 2019, 44% understand the factors and complexities involvedinstance, there has been a continuing and largeof people surveyed were very concerned about to determine the wellbeing of the community.increase in the proportion of people who haveenvironmental sustainability, an increase of 10% avoided plastic bags to carry home shopping, fromsince 2015.43% in 2015 to 79% in 2019.Sustainability Action Plan 2016202111'