b'Goal 3: Value and Develop Our Built and Cultural HeritageID Action Priority Who Link3.1 Align Councils corporate systems with sustainability objectives and provide internal educationCRITICAL CS DP - OC3.2 Identify energy efficiency upgrade opportunities in Councils top energy using sites and implementIMPORTANT ES/HS DP - OCprojects to reduce energy consumption3.3 Implement strategies including new waste recycling education programs to achieve 70% diversionIMPORTANT ES DP- NErate by 20223.4 Investigate Life Cycle Assessment opportunities in design and operations of Council buildings andIMPORTANT ES/HS DPCservices3.5 Implement recommendations of NSROC Renewable Energy Master Plan and prioritise installation ofIMPORTANT ES/HSDPCsolar PV across Councils top energy using sites3.6 Develop a sustainable procurement plan for Council IMPORTANT CSDPC3.7 Create a community campaign for recycling (community based social marketing) IMPORTANT ES DP - NE3.8 Develop a future vision and Master Plan for sustainable water and energy use across Lane Cove IMPORTANT ES DP - NE3.9 Investigate a community reuse centre for household itemsBENEFICIAL ES DP - NESustainability Action Plan 2016202127'