b'IntroductionOne of Councils guiding principles is to ensure that all decisions consider a balance of economic, environmental, cultural and social elements to enhance the quality of life in Lane Cove. Council aims to deliver projects and programs with long term value across the quadruple bottom line while helping the community become safe, secure, healthy and equitable for future generations. The Sustainability Action Plan (SAP) aims to enrich Lane Coves sustainable journey. It aims to drive improvements in the environment and the wellbeing of our community and promote a sustainable local economy.It has been 10 years since our first SAP Think Global, Act Local was developed and I am pleased to say that many of the actions listed in that plan were achieved. The renewal of the SAP is timely as there are new and emerging trends impacting the sustainability of our local community that need to be considered such as the future growth of Sydney. The updated SAP will provide a framework for Council on how to meet these challenges and outline the actions that Council will take to move towards a Sustainable Lane Cove. However the sustainability challenge is large and cannot be achieved by Council or the community alone. Council is committed to working with the community towards implementation of this Plan and celebrating its outcomes in the coming years. Craig Wrightson General Manager2Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'