b'Theme 1: EnvironmentGoal 4: A Climate Resilient CommunityID Action Priority Who Link4.1 Encourage application of Water Sensitive Urban Design principles in all development works andIMPORTANT OSUS DPBEasset management4.2 Increase understanding of climate risk and implement adaptation optionsIMPORTANT OSUS DPBE4.3 Increase opportunities for urban water capture and reuse IMPORTANT OSUS DPBE4.4 Prioritise works to protect creeks from erosion associated with increased intensity of rainfall andIMPORTANT OSUS DPBEstorm flows4.5 Reduce urban heat impacts e.g. plant trees to provide shade and design tree pits with adequate soilIMPORTANT OSUS/ ES DPBEvolumes and passive irrigation to support healthy trees4.6 Monitor and review planning controls for climate resilience IMPORTANT ESDPBE4.7 Promote strategies and actions on how our community can reduce the impact of extreme weatherBENEFICIAL ES/HS/OSUS DPBEon their family and their property 28Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'