b'Theme 3: LiveabilityGoal 12: Vibrant and Viable Commercial PrecinctsID Action Priority Who Link12.1 Provide sustainable landscaping in streets (trees, planting and other native vegetation)CRITICAL OSUS DPBE12.2 Council to promote sustainability advantages to the development industryIMPORTANT ES DPBE12.3 Identify and explore opportunities for a sustainable business program focusing on commercialIMPORTANT CS DPLEpremises12.4 Explore opportunities to bulk buy solar PV for council, residents and businesses IMPORTANT ES DPBE12.5 Develop business support activities and facilities to stimulate our local economy IMPORTANT CS DPLE12.6 Design attractive pedestrian routes, especially underpasses/overpassesBENEFICIAL OSUS DPBE40Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'