b'Consultation Process and Development of the SAPBackground ResearchBackground research was undertaken to review the 2005 SAP and generate many new ideas, this included the following:Contemporary sustainability and liveability frameworksOne Planet Living and the Liveable Cities FrameworkSnapshot of Councils Sustainability ProgressLane Coves Sustainability Levy 2013/14 AchievementsLane Cove Council Community Focus Groups 2010Review of existing Council plans A review of SAP Progress 2005-2014 found significant progress on many of the Planet and People goals but additional work on Sustainable and Integrated Transport was required.Benchmarking Best practice from other councils was considered by Council and the community:CopenhagenSolutions for a Sustainable City 2015Sustainable Sydney 2030 SnapshotWaverley City Council Environmental Action Plan 2012-2030Willoughby City Council Sustainability Action Plan 2014-201818Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'