b'Lane Cove Responds to the Climate EmergencyCouncil declared a climate emergency in September 2019. Council is responding to the climate emergency by measuring and establishing carbon and water-use baselines for Council operations, as well as businesses and the community. Emissions and water reduction targets have been set, alongside a strategy which will guide Council on an emissions reduction pathway and focus on actions which increase climate change resilience throughout the LGA.In March 2020, Council set the following targets:- 80% reduction in emissions by 2036 (FY16/17 emissions baseline); and No net increase in water use by 2036 (FY16/17 water use baseline).To reach these targets the following eight strategic directions have been adopted and will be incorporated into the 2020-2021 Delivery Program and Operational Plan.1.Targeted renewable energyCouncil will engage with large asset owners and key stakeholders to achieve a significant uptake of renewable energy and reduce energy emissions, e.g. data centre owner operators, hospitals, industrial sites and large commercial buildings.2.Identify high-performance new buildingstandards that are relevant for Lane CoveCouncil will collaborate with the Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) to set locally specific high-performance building standards for new residential and non-residential developments.4Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'