b'Theme 3: LiveabilityGoal 9: Connected and Liveable CommunitiesID Action Priority Who Link9.1 Develop a transport orientated development model precinct in St Leonards South, provideCRITICAL ES DPBEexemplary approach9.2 Investigate opportunities related to precinct planning for resource efficiency, i.e. water recycling, localCRITICAL ES DPBEenergy generation etc. (e.g. St Leonards)9.3 Develop Public Domain Master Plans to create places for identity and social connection in eachCRITICAL OSUS DPBEprecinct9.4 Develop a strategic plan for infrastructure based on the principles of sustainable energy production,IMPORTANT ES DPBEefficient water management and climate adaption9.5 Improve connectivity and safety of bicycle and walking tracks across our region IMPORTANT OSUS DPNE9.6 Promote and raise awareness of what Council is doing in terms of integrated planning (housingBENEFICIAL ES DPBEzones, roads, schools, transport, open space, sewage and bushland in the Lane Cove area)9.7 Incorporate public art, event space and built form design into planning and development for theBENEFICIAL HSDPBEpurposes of recognizing and enhancing the cultural identity of Lane CoveSustainability Action Plan 2016202137'