b'How to read the Sustainability Action PlanThe SAP has three key themes: Liveability, Environment and Community. For each theme, goals and actions have been identified. Actions will be developed into projects and will help create a more sustainable Lane Cove.Example: LiveabilityID Action Priority Who Link1.1 Plan strategic works for Councils open space by preparing plans for local parks and sports fields. CRITICAL OSUS DPNEID Each Action has an identification number.Action The Action is the strategy to be implemented. Actions have been written in response to community and staff consultation results.Priority Is categorised as Beneficial (standard priority), Important (medium priority), and Critical (high priority).Who Council areas responsible for the implementation of an action are identified by the following acronyms:HSHuman Services CSCorporate Services ESEnvironmental Services OSUSOpen Space and Urban ServicesLink Links is a cross reference to Councils other strategic, planning and operational plans and theme to which the action relates to. This ensures that the SAP is not read in isolation, but is a strategic document for the whole of Council.DPDelivery Program SSociety CCulture NENatural EnvironmentBEBuilt Environment LELocal Economy OCOur Council16Sustainability Action Plan 20162021'