b'ContentsIntroduction2 Steps in the SAP Review17Executive Summary3 Consultation Process and Development of the SAP18Lane Cove Responds to the Climate Emergency4 Background Research18Councils achievements: 2016 to 20207 Benchmarking18Goal: Increase understanding of climate risk and implement adaptation options7 Community Sustainability Values19Goal: Identify energy efficiency upgrade opportunities in Councils top energy 8Vision of Success20using sites and implement projects to reduce energy consumptionHow We Will Track Progress21Goal: Manage stormwater to reduce its impact on waterways and bushland areas8 Theme 1: Environment23Goal: Align Councils corporate systems with sustainability objectives 9Goal 1: Enhance and Value Our Open Space, Waterways and Bushland24and internal educationGoal 2: Value and Develop Our Built and Cultural Heritage26Goal: Reduce Urban Heat Impacts 9 Goal 3: A Resource Efficient Community27Goal: A resource efficient community 10 Goal 4: A Climate Resilient Community28Goal: Ensure consideration of integrated transport planning and Transit 10Theme 2: Community29Orientated Development in Development Plans e.g. reduce the need forprivate vehicle useGoal 5: A Community Living Sustainably31Goal: A community living sustainably 11 Goal 6: An Engaged Community32Goal: Complete a community wellbeing survey every two years to help 11Goal 7: A Vibrant, Healthy and Safe Community33identify the communities sense of wellbeingGoal 8: An Inclusive Community Celebrating Tolerance, 34 Councils Vision, Mission and Guiding Principles12 Cultural Expression and Diversity Councils Integrated Planning and Reporting Framework 13 Theme 3: Liveability35SAP Visual Summary14 Goal 9: Connected and Liveable Communities37Integration of SAP into Councils Planning Framework15 Goal 10: A Diverse Housing Mix38How to Read the Sustainability Action Plan16 Goal 11: An Integrated Transport Network39Consultation Process17 Goal 12: Vibrant and Viable Commercial Precincts40Sustainability Action Plan Review Process17Sustainability Action Plan 201620211'